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The Importance of Changing Your Timing Belt

Remember to check your maintenance intervals for your timing belt. Many times we see customers come in with a car that won’t run, and the timing belt has failed. In many cases, with certain types of cars, this can be a very expensive fix. Learn more about timing belts here if you want the details.

The CRITICAL thing to know is whether your car has an “interference type” engine. If so, you risk destroying the engine with a failed belt. See the picture below, and links at the bottom to check if your car is on this list.


A Broken Timing Belt

Here is a short list of some common cars where timing belt replacement is super critical.  For a more extensive list, you can look for your car here.

If you aren’t sure, bring your car down, and we’ll take a look at your mileage, your maintenance history, and your engine to help determine if you need a new belt.